Mini Moto Cross KXD 707 49cc XL Kick start

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New model 2019 mini moto cross 49cc XL, with measurements approaching certain models of pit bikes (length 142cm x width 70cm x high 93cm and from the ground to the 71cm sillin, but let’s not forget that we are talking about a mini bike cross 49cc with a 2-stroke engine and 9.5 hp of power for this reason is recommended for children from 8 years of age.


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If you are already started in the world of mini cross bikes, now is the time to take the leap and move to the next category within the 49cc engines. This mini cross bike model has a motor 49cc 2-stroke, 9.5 hp and larger dimensions than other models:

Length 142 cm / Width 70 cm / Height 93 cm and sillin to floor 71 cm that is why it is recommended to children who already have prior knowledge of motocross or children from 8 years of age.

This mini cross bike for kids comes with kickstart which gives it a nerve that makes it totally different from the shooter starters.

It carries a special racing exhaust pipe, reinforced tubular chassis, anti-burn protector on the exhaust pipe, chain protector, stop button….etc

The fuel mixture of this mini cross bike for kids is as in all 2-stroke engines, we use a percentage of gasoline and another oil (for each liter of gasoline 20ml of 2-stroke engine oil).

With a 9.5 hp power This 49cc mini cross bike can reach a speed of 60km/h. Its weight is 40 kg and supports a maximum load of 100 kg.

Its wheels are also larger 10″ on the front wheel and 12″ on the rear and its braking system is hydraulic disc front and back cable disc.


  • Type of monocylindrical motor 2-stroke 49cc, air-cooled, with 9.5 hp of power
    • Fuel mixes gasoline 95 and oil (per liter of petrol 20ml oil)
    • Kick start system.
    • Automatic gears.
    • Deposit capacity 1.5L
    • CDI on.
    • Chain transmission.
    • Reinforced chassis.
    • Stop button.
    NEUMATICOS (front/rear): 60 – 100 – 12’/ 80- 100 – 10′
    • Front suspension inverted fork
    • Reinforced steel monobeam chassis
    • Seat height 71cm.
    • Front hydraulic disc brake / rear cable disc
    • Dimensions: Length 142 cm / Width 70 cm / Height 93cm
    • Maximum speed 60km/h.
    • Maximum load 90kg.
    • Aluminum handlebar.
    • Weight nw/gw 41kg/50kg.
    • CE certificate.


  • complete assembly of all its components.
    • Tightening and readjustments of screws and external elements.
    • Grease moving parts.
    • Chain alignment, tensioning and greasing.
    • Wheel adjustment, screws and swelling.
    • Adjust brakes and bolts to prevent discs from rubbing.
  • Mechanical testing and physical testing.
    • Monitoring operation for 10 minutes.


  • If you are not qualified for your correct set point you should go to a professional or consult before assembly with the store.
  • If you are not sure what you need to do, please contact us before starting the vehicle.


  • Forbidden use to less than 8 years.
    • Use this item responsibly.
    • It is forbidden to use the item in the public way.
    • No use of the vehicle without a helmet.
    • It is mandatory to use this item under the supervision of an adult.
    • All vehicles are checked by our professionals before being shipped to avoid any incident at the time of delivery.

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    Todo genial , buena gente , volvería en el futuro.

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