Electric Quads

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Electric quads are designed for children and teenagers, although there are obviously models for adults and professionals.

They are all-terrain vehicles, which means that their characteristics make it a vehicle to enjoy the most irregular terrain thanks to its damping and large wheels.

The operation of an electric quad to a gasoline quad may vary due to its more functional characteristics and not so much in its aesthetics.

Our electric quads are focused on fun, rather than competition.

There are a variety of electric quads since there are 3 and 4 batteries, to offer greater autonomy, depending on what use is intended we can find from 300w to 1000w.

Our electric quads have a battery control panel to know the energy level at all times.

The suspension of our electric mini quads consists of two independent front springs on each wheel and one rear.

Disc brakes 2 front and one rear.

They come equipped with 3 batteries of 12 volts each.

Its performance without limiting speed is 30 km / h.

3-speed limit switch, first stage 15 km / h, second stage 20 km / h and maximum speed 30 km / h.

its weight is 44 kg, supporting a load of 75 kg.

Although our electric quads undergo a rigid safety and quality control, it is recommended to check chain adjustment, tire inflation, screws, check fist or gas trigger, brakes.


  Not recommended for children under 3 years.
  This product is not a toy.
  The use of protections is mandatory.
  Use the article responsibly.
  This vehicle is not a toy.
  It is mandatory to use this product under adult supervision.

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