Among all the mini cross bikes for children and adults, petrol quads, petrol buggies and electric scooters we highlight the best of the best. Whether you’re a fan of enjoying the countryside with your quad or motocross or looking for a vehicle for urban mobility,we have what you’re looking for.

We have petrol motocross focused on initiation and more veteranpeople. Motocross for both children and adults. Please note that not all bikes are valid for everyone. For children we have safety systems like man-to-water or speed limiter. Safety is the first thing.

We have a section of Pit bikes 125cc and other displacements. Good power cross bikes ideal to enjoy in thecountryside, on the ground. With kick start orshooter. Both Pit Bikes for kids and Pit bikes for young andadults.

Regarding our scooters we have from Harleys 2000W to xiaomi type scooters of 280W. If you are looking for something small and simple we recommend the Xiaomi type scooter, ideal to move around city. If we’re talking about an older adult, the Emaco Scooter plays a spectacular role. But if you are looking for speed we have alternatives such as the IMR 2100W electricscooter.

We have accessories and spare parts of our vehicles. We always advise to buy a safety kit to ride especially with our children’s motocross.

We are a young company but with more than 10 years of experience in this sector. The shipments of the vehicles to the mainland arefree. Do you have any questions? We’re talking about the chat!



Discover the news of ourcatalog. Every day we put new products and new colors of each product. New versions of pit bikes, Quads with more powerful speakers or scooters. You can subscribe to our mailing list to be aware of offers, news and special events.

We will also inform you of the new OUTLET offers that are being added. They are offers of products that have only been used to make videos and photography. We’re going to make Youtubers. We want to do product analysis, comparison of Pit Bikes 125cc, and answer all those questions you ask us.

Find the ideal Mini cross bike for your kids or for you within our new products. Although if there is one product we love it is the Quad Warrior 125cc. Able to get to the end of the world. Equipped with great power and now two colors. Take a look at the new green color of the Quad Warrior.

Welcome to Pimpamcross, and if you have any questions contact us via Chat, Phone or Whatsapp. We are here to solve your doubts and start smiles. Cool

Product categories

Here you will find our product categories. Keep in mind that only the main ones are there if you are looking for Pit Bikes you will find them inside Cross Bikes for example. If you have any questions, ask us. We’re here to guide you.

Petrol and electric motocross

Different models of both mini moto cross for 49cc children, pit bikes 125cc semi automatic and pit bikes 125cc and 140cc with gears.

Children’s mini cross bikes are designed for children from 3 years of age to 9 years, the semi-automatic 125cc pit bikes focused for children 9 years to 14 years and finally the pit bikes of 125 cc and 140 cc with gears for riders from 15 years and adults

The wheel sizes of the 49cc mini cross bikes are 10″ front and rear, however in the pit bikes we can find measurements such as 12″ / 10″ in the semi-automatics, 14″ / 12″ – in the 125cc and 17″ / 14″ pit bikes on the 125cc and 140cc XL.

Electric scooters

It seemed that the new trend of electric vehicles was going to be a passing fad but they have come to stay for a long time, becoming one of the alternatives preferred by the citizen, to move around the city in a sustainable way. This movement is not only a fashion for electric scooters to it we have to add that of electric cars, electric motorbikes, electric bikes etc…

What types of electric vehicles can we find?

Today the options offered to us about the world of electric motor are inexhaustible, we can find countless models of electric scooters, quads, buggys, mini moto cross, Scooter Harley and mini Scooter, bicycles….

This new inclination on this type of mobility has made this type of vehicle from a simple leisure vehicle to personal mobility vehicles and even family utility vehicles or transporting goods or people in a pleasant, fast, using a clean and sustainable energy system.

From Pimpamcross we offer you a wide catalog of electric scooters so that you can enjoy an independent and totally clean mobility in all corners of your city, being able to choose the option that can fit you the most. You can find electric motors from 250W to 2100W, with different sizes and prices.

If you need more information you can contact us by our chat you can find on this website, by email info@pimpamcross.com or on our customer service phone 658415763

Gasoline and electric buggies

In this section you can see the different models of children’s petrol and electric buggys with different powers, sizes, starter types, reverse even two-seater or mono square.

You can choose the option that you like the most, for them we offer models in children’s buggys and adult buggys with displacements of 49cc and 125cc and in the electric version 1000W of power..

These quad bikes were designed to drive around the sand or particular terrains, but over time these buggys have evolved a lot and have become highly sought after leisure vehicles for children and not so children.

If you need more information you can contact us, for our chat , by email info@pimpamcross.com

, or on the phone 658415763

Gasoline and electric quads

You will find different models of Mini Quad 49cc children focused for children between 3 and 10 years old and Quad 125 cc for adults.

In both 49cc mini quad models and 125cc adult Quads there are different dimensions in both chassis and wheels.

  • For children 4″ or 6″ wheels
  • For 7″ and 8″ adults apart from tire size.

Children’s Mini Quads for children 3 years and older who have safety systems such as speed regulator, man-to-water system and remote control among others.

Most mini bikers do not have a clutch so it makes driving easier and safer for the little ones.

Spare parts

We have all kinds of spare parts to respond to the breakdowns or incidents that may cause the use of your vehicle.

You can find from lithium batteries and gel for scooter and electric quad, carburetors and 49cc cylinders for mini motorcycle cross children and mini quad bike and 125cc for pit bikes, spark plugs, tires, rims, brake and clutch levers, chains, cuffs and a large etc…. .


You will be able to find all the protective accessories related to mini moto cross, pit bikes, quads, buggies and electric scooters.

When it comes to safety, any caution is little, so we put at your disposal the necessary accessories for optimal protection.

SINCE gloves , helmets brand Shiro , glasses both mirrored and transparent screen, peto rigid with shoulder pads and elbow pads.

Different sizes and colors.

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